Tips to buy shoes In the Better Source

Did you know that you have to put science into buying shoes? Here are some tips so you do not regret your purchases.The size of shoes can change as we get older, so always ask that your feet be measured before you buy shoes. The best time to measure the feet is at the end of the day, when the feet are larger. When it comes to the shoes in blog then the following information are important.

  1. Most people have one foot larger than the other. Make sure your shoes fit well on the largest foot.

Do not buy shoes without first trying them on. The size of the shoes may vary depending on the type of shoe, the brand and the style. For example, it is possible that the size you wear for sports shoes is not the same as you need for dress shoes.

  1. Walk with your shoes on to ensure they feel good. The heels of the shoes should not slip up and down when walking.Choose shoes that have the shape of your foot. Styles that have high heels or are pointed can damage your feet.

Stand up when you are trying on a pair of shoes to ensure there is a gap of about ½ inch between your fingers and the tip of the shoe.Make sure that the metatarsal of the foot fits comfortably in the widest part of the shoe.

  1. Do not buy shoes that feel too tight thinking they are going to stretch.The upper part of the shoes must be made with a soft and flexible material.Soles should provide firm traction and not be slippery. The thick soles cushion the feet when walking on hard surfaces.

Secrets of the shoe sellers you should know

The shoe salesmen have some secrets as to how to choose the best shoes every time you go to a store. Find here the best tips from experts to find the best shoes and save at the same time.

Reflect on the real cost of the shoe

You arrived at the shop window of your favorite shoe store and wore super offer sandals. What a thrill! But really before buying you should evaluate about the real cost of that shoe in relation to the use you are going to give it. As much as you have a discount of 20%, if you’re going to put them two days and then you’ll leave them in your closet because they do not combine with anything or for any other reason, it has not been a good purchase.

Many times you tempt yourself with seasonal discounts, you buy the product and then you do not use it because it is out of fashion.

The shoes have to be comfortable from the start

Do not assume that you are going to “mold” those cute shoes that fit you and you die to buy. If a shoe does not suit you comfortable, do not buy it.

Reevaluate the size of your feet

Each foot has 26 bones that change over time. In addition, walking barefoot many hours a day, being pregnant, or other factors, can make your foot change size and shape. Experts advise you to measure your foot every two years and go buy shoes in the afternoon, which is when your feet may be more swollen. And do not forget to try the shoes on both feet!

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